Sunday, February 13, 2011

Yann in Rwanda (2) - "But First, a Word from our Sponsors ..."

I would like to thank numerous people and organizations who made this mission possible. 

§  Water for People and their World Water Corps (WWC) for organizing these assignments and recruiting volunteers to accomplish them.
§  Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW)
üDavid Rager (past Director) and Biju George (interim Director) for allowing me to participate in this assignment
üRick Merz and Verna Arnette for agreeing to let me check water system operation far away from the Richard Miller Treatment Plant
ü Debbie Metz for arranging the initial funding of this trip
üYeongho Lee and Mike Tyree for scrambling to find me a pH meter and portable chlorine monitor, as well as all kinds of water quality strip tests
üApril Sherril for working hard with ETS and Verizon to upgrade my BlackBerry so I can communicate (voice and email) while in the field
§  Family and friends who made very generous donations from as far as Japan, Scotland, sunny Florida, cool California, under-the-snow Massachusetts, historic Virginia, and here in Cincinnati.
§  Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Anderson for the initial donation that kick started the rest, and the pastor and fellow parishioners of St Gertrude Church in Madeira who have shown tremendous financial support.
§  And last but not least my wife Mary and my five children Thomas, Gabriel, Paul, Isabelle, and Dominic for encouraging me to take this assignment without holding back.

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