Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Yann in Rwanda (5) - Preparation Day

Monday was preparation day for the next several field days.  Perpetue Kamuyumbu, WFP country coordinator and Monica Brown (WFP staff in Denver and also a World Water Corps team member) explained to the rest of the WWC team (Julie Labonte, Guy Beauchemin, and me) and the volunteer students (Generation Rwanda) and local officials (e.g., sector representatives, etc.) the purpose of the assignment and how the surveys and the water quality tests would be conducted. 

A key part of the mission is the Android phone with the survey app that will feed the data (GPS coordinates, photo, type of water system, number of people using the system, and 50 other similar questions about the system and the population it serves, etc.) for the FLOW program (  Below is a snapshot from the presentation, which briefly explains the objectives and methods to get there.

In the evening, the water quality team (Guy Beauchemin and I) went to the WFP-Rwanda office to check on all equipment and supplies for the tests (flow, pH, hardness, alkalinity, chlorine, turbidity, TDS, total coliforms, and E. Coli).  We went back to the hotel late that night but ready for the next day (see next post!).

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